Sustainability Policy

Over the last few years we have made significant improvements to make our Theatre Schools more environmentally conscious and sustainable. We also have specific targets for the future.

We align our policies and practices with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

1. Our venues

Paper, card and plastic is recycled wherever possible.

Students are encouraged to bring refillable water bottles to class.

All products sold in our Café are Fair Trade.

All donations made in our Café for products sold, go directly to Wood Street Mission.

We operate a pre-loved recycling facility for old uniform and costumes. Donations are always welcome. All parents are invited to ‘shop’ these items, which are stored at Christ Church Hall. All proceeds from pre-loved items go directly to Wood Street Mission.

We work closely with our venue managers to improve energy and waste management wherever we can.

2. Our productions

We recognise that our productions have an impact on the environment. We seek to minimise this impact by:

  • Promoting efficient use of materials and exploring more sustainable and ethical options where possible
  • Recycling of costumes. While new items often need to be purchased for professional show performances, we encourage students to reuse costumes, or recylcle them, to prolong their life cycle. All proceeds from donated items are given directly to Wood Street Mission.

3. Our operations

Our main operational activities include all the administrative functions required to organise performing arts classes and productions, alongside retail operations for costumes and uniforms.

We are committed to:

  • Reviewing the policies of our contractors and suppliers to ensure alignment with our sustainable goals.
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by having meetings online, purchasing from UK based manufacturers whenever possible, and limiting group travel.
  • Communicating with our stakeholders via online channels to reduce printing.
  • Supporting local teachers and creatives.

4. Our people

We are committed to working with our stakeholders to promote positive environmental action.

We will:

  • Provide training for our teachers and other resources where possible.
  • Communicate with our stakeholders about our plans, progress and how they can make sustainable choices when visiting us.
  • Suggest ways our stakeholders can help us support local charities.
  • Participate in public discussions concerning environmental issues.

To ensure our business is sustainable, we will continue to prioritise our people, our planet and our financial stability. We want our Theatre Schools to be around for a long time, as a vehicle for positive action within our communities. We are therefore fully committed to a sustainable future.  

We will monitor and report on our progress each year.

Updated September 2021

What can you do to help?

Support our Café for Wood Street Mission on a Saturday morning at Christ Church Hall

Support our cake sales and our pre-loved uniform and costume sales.

Donate old uniform and costumes.

Join us to raise funds for Wood Street Mission by taking part in the Great Manchester Run.

Read our regular newsletters and updates.

Retain, recycle or reuse promotional material which is original artwork.   

Share lifts to classes and performances.